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Professor & Director, Institute of Law for Science & Technology and Director, Bioethics & Law Center, National Tsing Hua University


Prof. Fan, Chien Te is a law professor and founding director of Institute of Law for Science & Technology(ILST)in National Tsing Hua University. The Institute is the first graduate academic institute established in Taiwan to emphasize in the fields of science & technology related legal trainings and energy and environment conservation.

Professor Fan received his LL.B degree from Soochow University, LL.M degree from University of Washington and J.D. Degree from Puget Sound University. Before he moved to National Tsing Hua University, Professor Fan is a full time professor teaching in Soochow University, School of Law for ten years.

In addition to his academic achievement, Professor Fan also consults the government agencies in different mandate, including the Science & Technology consultation to the President Hall, Government Reorganization to the Administration Yuan, International Agreement negotiation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Environment Protection Agency, and several other industry related policy and/or legal works.

Prof. FAN specializes in energy and environmental law, and the areas of biotechnology and ethic related issues. He is also an experienced scholar involving in UNFCCC negotiation process since 2001 in Marrakesh. Moreover, as a speaker, he was also invited to join the side event several times that held in the COPs.


  1. In addition to 77 Articles published in the fields of Antitrust Law, Commercial Law, Economic Analysis of Law, Technology Law, there are 10 articles in the fields of environmental and energy law.
  2. Among 65 Articles presented in Symposium & Conference Proceedings, 19 are in the fields of environmental and energy law.
  3. 14 Books Published: Five Books concerning Antitrust & Unfair Competition Law of Taiwan; One concerning Consumer Protection; Four concerning Commercial Law, Two concerning Strategic Alliance, One concerning Commercial Contract & One concerning UNFCCC & Kyoto Protocol.